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TalkingParents is the only co-parenting communication service offering recorded calls. We help co-parents communicate effectively and avoid custody disputes by maintaining a secure, unalterable record of all calls, messages, calendar events, and shared files. Sign up for a Standard or Premium Plan to access the TalkingParents app. TalkingParents Premium Plan Includes: ACCOUNTABLE CALLING ℠ (Available within the United States and Canada) - Make recorded calls to your co-parent - Get text transcripts of every recorded call All TalkingParents Plans include: EASY AND SECURE MESSAGING - Receive instant notifications for new messages or events - See the number of new messages on the app icon SHARED CALENDAR - View and create shared events with your co-parent VAULT FILE STORAGE - Store and share personal files easily and privately UNALTERABLE RECORDS - Download and send unlimited PDF records - Get a 10% discount on all printed certified records PERSONAL JOURNAL - Document and maintain personal notes in this entirely private feature If you do not have an existing TalkingParents subscription plan, you can use existing credentials to upgrade immediately. Your Privacy is our priority. Read the Terms of Use



  • Don’t like it

    By Stanley Mosk
    Half of the time is not working. Why does it cost $25 for making 120 minutes call? What a ripoff. And the court requires you to use this.
  • Aggravating!!!

    By extremely frustrated customers
    we have been using this app since February 2019. In the beginning it was fine and we had no issues. But when they changed it from being $4.99 a month for the basic (which included app access) to being $5.99-$9.99 to have app access, we have had a problem EVERY month! We get charged the subscription and then 2-3 days later we get kicked out of the app and told we don’t have app access with our plan, it take 2 days to get anyone to email us back, after they review our bank charges, we get app access back. Then the next month SAME DANG THING! So frustrated with it, makes me wish I hadn’t requested the judge to order this as the only means of communication. My attorney had recommended we use this app because the other party liked to lie and say she didn’t send stuff, even though I still had the text. Or she would call 15-20 times a day and say nothing, deny it was her but the phone records proved it was them. It’s a big mess but sometimes I would rather deal with that than to keep paying for something that keeps messing up.
  • Severe bug

    By James angry man
    When you start a new conversation to the opposite parent and send it, after you hit send, the app crashes to the main screen of your phone as it is sending it. I do have the newest version, 3.0.4. So I do not know what is causing it.
  • Good app

    By hunterramsee12345
    Good app. Issues with the refresh (have to click out the. Re-click to reset notifications. Smart product though.
  • It crashes often

    By Ca broker
    I even updated it
  • Works Well for US

    By KDW - 1
    Using this app has helped with communication between my son’s father and I. My biggest complaint is that I cannot sync the talking parents calendar to the other calendars I use. It would be nice to send an event to my google calendar or outlook calendar so when Emerson’s dad adds an event I don’t have to manually add it to my work or personal calendars.
  • Very disappointed

    By gurula app
    Terrible experience with Talking Parents
  • Rough around the edges, harshly

    By elgaen555
    The app has a good concept however, offer crashes and I have to re-open it, or it fails to refresh messages and I have to manually refresh. Like come on, who made this app. Is expensive and it really needs polishing
  • Not sure of the added value

    By adamfee
    It isn’t clear to me how this adds much value over email, text and other shared calendars we already use. It does group messages by topic unlike text, but email does that too. I don’t like that that the calendar doesn’t seem to allow editing. I still have to switch to my/our google calendars to see other activities. I don’t like that things take a while to load. I think I may drop this after the free trial and return to text, email, and shared google calendars.
  • Where’s the free version?

    Should have a free version